Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year adventures

Happy New Year everyone....Had such a great time selling my wares at Christmas time.  So rewarding meeting people who are so appreciative of handmade textiles old and new.  It  gives me heaps of incentive to tackle the many hiccups involved working with the wonderous crafts of India.  

On the 16th January I am off to Bengal for a natural dye and shibori weaving workshop. Organised and sponsored by Canadian textile whiz Charllotte Kwon from Maiwa Handprints.  Expert dyers and weavers from all over the world are meeting with Indian artisans to compare notes.  The artisans invited to the workshop are all master craftspeople working with natural dyes on a regular basis.  The purpose of the workshop is to solve dye difficulties, improve water conservation, eliminate waste, explore mordant and dye recipes and to share knowledge. Soooo looking forward to it and feel very privileged to be going.  

While away I will also fly to Jaipur for the writers festival and meet my very inspiring friend Sibella Court (stylist, decorator, inventor and creator of Society Inc) who I hope to have many exotic adventures and discoveries with.  Somehow I have to fit all my work into this trip as well. 

Before all that happens, I will be selling my textiles at Avalon in Sydney's northern beaches from 8-13th January. 

Hope to see you there !