Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Wonderful world of Tie-Dye - Vintage and Modern

I am crazy about tie - dye ...whether it comes from India, Japan or Africa those tiny dots just do something to me.  The technique on fine cotton, silk or handmade paper works wonders, specially in natural dye. The tinier the dots the more amazing the skill.  Indian tie-dye known as bandhani seems to always be some sort of dot design whereas Japanese shibori  has lots of graphic circles,squares and lines on indigo.  Intricate tie-dye is expensive as it is such a time consuming task.

Here is a patchwork quilt I designed.I made two samples - one in queen size $695, one in king single $495. The shibori patches were created by a womens collective in Delhi, specialising in indigo and tie-dye. The fabric designs are very Japanese influenced. The indigo fabric was sourced from Hyderabad and hand-stitching done in Jaipur. Pure indigo is increasingly difficult to find in India. As an indigo fanatic, I have managed to find a few great sources. 

This is another fine example of indigo tie-dye, one sample quilt only.   Patched and cotton filled.
Single size $395

I purchased 6 metres of exquisitely tie dyed indigo tussar silk and designed 2 simple pintuck tunic dresses. Selling price $595.00  Contact me direct for purchase enquiries.

Here are three fine quality cotton voile sarongs...2 metre lengths, all with different tie-dye designs. Priced at $110.00


Vintage tie-dye is quite wonderful for its tiny superior dots and scrumptious faded vegetable colours.  The art of dying seems to have blown in the wind, not to mention the hot pinks,orange and reds. These are very hard colours to achieve. A dying artform. I am always on the look out for old cotton muslin turbans and soft cotton shawls so I can make sarongs and cushions.  Following are 3 amazing examples of electric pinks,oranges and reds in minute tie dye on cotton muslin.  I made them into 2 metre sarong lengths and voila an instant "to die for" outfit. Selling for $125.00 each

I found an old Rajasthani tie dyed shawl in heavenly faded ochre shades and made this cushion and a couple of bolsters.  I am thrilled with the results. $125.00 cushion 60 x 60cm.  $85 for a 60 x30cm bolster.

And so ends my first blog on tie dye.  I am off to India any minute to brave the monsoon,heat and dust to continue my endless rampage for wonderful textiles.